East Midlands Demolition's expert workforce and specialised equipment deliver safe and cost effective structural demolition services for commercial, industrial, institutional  and governmental sectors. All of our projects are professionally planned, managed and  executed by experienced teams and are tailored to suit your needs. At all times, we make sure that our services comply with the laws and guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Executive, The Department of the Environment and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). We also  complete SWMP (Site Waste Management Plans) for all projects. We pride ourselves on our swift response to customer requirements, the safest work practices and highest professional standards. All of our staff are continually assessed and certified in all aspects of their work through external and in-house training in accordance with CITB, NDTG /NFDC and HSE.

 Industrial Dismantling.

East Midlands Demolition can provide a range of Industrial Dismantling services, from removing a single piece of equipment to a full site decommission.

   Strip Out Services.

A Strip Out Service can be provided for when total demolition isn’t required, such as for major renovations or facade retention etc. We have experience of removal of floors, stairways, ceilings, large heating and ventilation units etc.

  Asbestos Removal.

Managing hazardous material is a serious responsibility.  We can arrange an independent, specialist asbestos survey to be done on your site and if asbestos is found, we will manage a team of prequalified, licenced contractors to safely remove the asbestos. We will work closely with these independent experts to achieve air clearance certificates for your site. All of the products we undertake are managed to comply with industry legislation, approved codes of practice and HSE guidance notes. Rigorous audits ensure that all quality control procedures are maintained, these are regularly carried out, both internally and by external independent organisations.  


Plant Hire and Sales.

East Midlands Demolition has a constant flow of quality plant and equipment that can be purchased, we also offer clients our specialist plant hire services.


Land Remediation.

East Midlands Demolition provides conventional site clearance and ground works, through to full site remediation, utilising the latest techniques in treating contaminated materials. We work closely with environmental testing specialists to ensure the client is left with a clear, environmentally clean development site. 

Site Clearance.

East Midlands Demolition specialise in all forms of site clearance and disposal for industrial, residential and commercial customers. We clear the way for your future development to commence.


 Through the latest technology, plant and equipment, EMD is constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites and to maximise the amount of materials that can be recycled from demolition projects. We reuse Materials onsite or arrange for products such as crushed stone, bricks, plastics, 6F2 and metals to be sold on your behalf. Not only does this lessen the environmental impact but it ultimately creates cost savings for you, the client.

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